Raw n’ Real

In this category I’m posting more of my real, everyday thoughts… which in many ways are a little out of the ‘ordinary’ as you will find out.

We live in such an exciting time where selv-development, high vibrations, pure food and raw fitness is sought by many individuals.  I like to inspire with more edgy and ‘animalistic’ ideas;   Rise above ridiculous social rules, they are not good for you. Domesticated people seek to entrap your spirit constantly. Eager to kill your vibe. Growing up is for suckers… growing ‘old’ means giving up and joining the crowd’s half-life existence of constant negativity. There is nothing more liberating than life that is raw n’ real.

I like meeting real people with honest feelings, charming guys with a witty, dirty sense of humour. I love to share interesting stories… share deep and dark secrets… I always had this urge and curiosity to explore the ‘forbidden’, diving deep into the complicated maze of the mind… it’s enticing, fun and oh so sexual! ❤  

Happiness is not about living in a cloud of unnatural and fake bliss. Sometimes I am most happy when I can experience really deep, strange and melancholic emotions. My perfect weather is hot, but cloudy and windy. 

‘Reality’ for me is perhaps a much greater thing, and the ordinary truly can be quite extraordinary. There is so much to see when you’re open, carefree, flirty… and less than serious. I have been blessed, and cursed, with many crazy, intense, bizarre and otherwordly experiences and I tend to meet the most curious of people. I’ve had many fascinating advantages and compliments that get you higher than coke. Always loved that, of course!  😉  

I know the tough side of street life for sure. The edge of the law and yep, I talk from experience… as you probably know when you read ‘Adrenaline Baby’ and “I Am Ruthless”.  I’m quite sure I have nine lives like a cat.  Been working in ehm, adult entertainment as well (which is so much fun…) but hey, that’s another story… 😛

I have a lot of compassion for children and youth, particularly those unfortunate ones that are neglected at home and treated unkindly. Beautiful, gentle souls often have to suffer in the claws of bullies and arseholes. Society doesn’t do enough to kick mean motherfuckers where it hurts. I so want to see beautiful, gentle souls with better self-defence techniques. Bring out your super villain!

Life means feeling and experiencing your body. I love to feel life on my skin, sense and smell my environment. If you don’t have the body, you don’t have the mind-set. I love  raw fitness and sincere nobility, which I refer to as the ‘higher animal’ behaviour. Be more like animals!

What I really promote here is life “pure”. Life is not about having it easy and zero pain. Life is about survival, getting knocked down,  rising up again… counting your scars inside and out… getting better at the game every time. Life is unfair, life is cynical, but it’s a curious playground. Never stop playing…!  😉

Oh did I mention that I’m an alien? 🙂 – Rayn (c)

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