Raw – The hunter’s spirit

I come to life when I can move forward, when I can explore new arenas. I can walk for ages, and a resiliant body is important to me. ( That is also a good reason why my greyhounds and whippets make such great companions). I am quite restless and my mind needs constant challenge. I love to start and inspire new projects… and then I’m ready to explore the next idea. I am very in touch with my inner animal and I see a clear link between being in touch with the inner nature and higher thinking. Like I said before, you have to listen to your inner voice that is connected to nature and the universe, it is (almost) always right…

Thus I think artists, athletes, surfers, mountain climbers or any other adventurous and freedom seeking persons are primal spirits by nature. More in touch with their natural self or as I like to call it, the ’animal self’. We are hunters in spirit… hunting for intense experiences, thrills, adrenaline, business deals, inner fulfilment, conquest, passion, knowledge, wisdom, sex… Continue reading

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Get ready for ‘Ruthless’!

Elegantly Savage!

Ruthless is not your average kinda girl…

would you date a hit-girl?

Introducing ‘I am Ruthless’ – new upcoming style and trademark by Rayn (c) (Andrea Rayn Meyer)  Read her shameless, shocking blog posts from the dark web here before they get taken down: http://www.iamruthlessdiary.blogspot.com


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Watch the inspiring videos of Elliot Hulse! By Andréa Rayn

Check out my man Elliot Hulse! Just check out his most awesome videos, as he speaks from heart and soul about the pure and raw spirit. Being a fitness coach and sports person his approach might appear a little different to mine, but basically, we are saying the same thing. The very same thing I’ve been talking, and writing, about all along. Being raw and being real, being true to your nature and your gut instinct. He is talking about the whole connection between the body and the mind, and how we need to move, work, feel and indeed think with the body and pay less attention to the mind. Your body is your mind. I  always said it, to have a strong mind you need to have a fit and strong body first. Like I have mentioned before, back then I was preaching to the wrong crowd. There was this strange misperception that ‘artistic’ people are not bothered about a fit body appearance and this is so wrong. As we know today from every successful person; artist, mentor or coach, being successful, focused and happy means to have a good physique. Continue reading

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I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? ;-)


I grew up in a classic and conservative home. Learned very good manners, learned ettiquette. Received good education. Ironically, this went hand in hand with my environment outside. The dodgy underworld and red light district was very close by. Shady people went through my life and kept me good company. Not to forget that the streets of a big German city could be tough for a youngster to grow up in, and at night definately could be rough. I love culture and old fashioned class. I learned the ways of being a lady… But I definitely learned the hard way to be streetwise. I know when to stick around and when to walk away. I know how to fight and swing that baseball bat! Oh yeah! And really, ‘interesting’ company always seems to find me.

So really, I got the best of both worlds… I guess? 😉



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Life down town ;-)


Two kinds that are obsessed with murder; those committing them and those who write about them… novelists, yes.

Gangster, mobster… fascination… How thin is the line really? 😉 I’m off to have a chat with a weapon dealer this morning… 😛

#moments, #urbansavage

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Politically correct??? Nah…!

Politically correct??? Nah…!

edit14   Seriously, I dislike that term ‘politically correct’… and the people who pretend to be! Really. I have been accused of being politically INcorrect in the past… and you know, it’s a compliment. Because, I actually helped individuals (and animals) out of trouble or defended them from abusers. Helping those in need is really what it is about right? Continue reading

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Remember your animal instincts, be a fighter, yay! – Raw article no 3

Elegantly Savage!

(so this is one of my old articles and a subject that is very close to my heart. I want young girls and women to get strong and fight and SURVIVE vicious attacks on them. Article is old and needs improvement but hey, you get the point ;-)) People in the past called my words ‘controversial’, but hey, there is nothing controversial about saving the lives of innocent people from vile asshole attackers! :-O


I have been in touch with my instincts well… as long as I can remember. Sadly in many ways due to necessity. I learned early that I was not save, that I was left alone and unprotected in the house at night so many times. And I was terrified to death, as any child would be. 

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