In The Company Of Ghosts…


London east, and I’m standing still. When I feel the age old past reaching out from busy streets.

The people I pass are mere shadows… hushing by like in a dream

but the derelict buildings they talk and the ghosts within they speak to me, vividly,

with angry sighs of untold misery

and bygone injustice, of suffering and sorrows vast,

labour and endurance of stones they had build to last

the lost souls that always will remain… urging me to switch sides, insisting I should stay.

Tempting me with unkind words; saying the living have nothing to offer someone like me,

they’ll always be passing shadows, they will never allow me to blend in…

How odd, how the mundane folk awaken once they’ve passed their mortal time

And when all you have is the company of ghosts attending your mind,

Oh how easy it could be to just give in.

  • Andréa Rayn  (c)
  • Photo taken in my current neighbourhood, Shoreditch, East London 1 May, ’17
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Electrical! Sexual in body and soul…

_DSC1356 - Copy.JPG     I see all those things, around me and in my head. A certain scene, a certain feeling, moments… places… towns, buildings, oceans, people, a vibe… and it is so hard to not be able to explain all the visions and emotions that I see, the amazing feelings that arise from a memory, a sudden scent that overwhelms me. The smell of something is the greatest trigger of amazing visuals, ecstatic feelings, and also some very scary thoughts of otherworldly experiences.

I can only describe it as really sexual. With thoughts and emotions tingling, vibrating and running up my spine to my chest, like a pleasant and ecstatic electricity running through my body… this electrical charged sensation that triggers certain feelings, visions and dreams at night. Continue reading

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Watch the inspiring videos of Elliot Hulse! By Andréa Rayn

Check out my man Elliot Hulse! Just check out his most awesome videos, as he speaks from heart and soul about the pure and raw spirit. Being a fitness coach and sports person his approach might appear a little different to mine, but basically, we are saying the same thing. The very same thing I’ve been talking, and writing, about all along. Being raw and being real, being true to your nature and your gut instinct. He is talking about the whole connection between the body and the mind, and how we need to move, work, feel and indeed think with the body and pay less attention to the mind. Your body is your mind. I  always said it, to have a strong mind you need to have a fit and strong body first. Like I have mentioned before, back then I was preaching to the wrong crowd. There was this strange misperception that ‘artistic’ people are not bothered about a fit body appearance and this is so wrong. As we know today from every successful person; artist, mentor or coach, being successful, focused and happy means to have a good physique. Continue reading

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I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? ;-)


I grew up in a classic and conservative home. Learned very good manners, learned etiquette. Received good education. Ironically, this went hand in hand with my environment outside. The dodgy underworld and red light district was very close by. Shady people went through my life and kept me good company. Not to forget that the streets of a big German city could be tough for a youngster to grow up in, and at night definitely could be rough. I love culture and old fashioned class. I learned the ways of being a lady… But I definitely learned the hard way to be streetwise. I know when to stick around and when to walk away. I know how to fight and swing that baseball bat! Oh yeah! And really, ‘interesting’ company always seems to find me.

So really, I got the best of both worlds… I guess? 😉



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Life down town ;-)


Two kinds that are obsessed with murder; those committing them and those who write about them… novelists, yes.

Gangster, mobster… red-light fascination… Business, legit or shady… How thin is the line really? 😉

Oh, I’m off to have coffee with a weapon dealer this morning…  curiosity, or business… who knows…  😛

#moments, #urbansavage #lifeontheedge

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Politically correct??? Nah…!

Politically correct??? Nah…!

edit14   Seriously, I dislike that term ‘politically correct’… and the people who pretend to be! Really. I have been accused of being politically INcorrect in the past… and you know, it’s a compliment. Because, I actually physically helped many individuals (and animals) out of trouble or defended them from abusers. Helping those in need is really what life is about, right? Continue reading

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Flatter me, flatter you ;-) Why compliments are awesome.

10712749_871041429575829_3086590929073457924_n      I love compliments… I love getting them and I love giving them! Always have been blessed with getting a good amount of nice comments when I meet new people, when I walk through the streets, cafes, shops, wherever really, I always receive nice compliments by strangers… Mostly on my looks, my eyes, … my ‘charming presence’, my ‘fascinating aura’, my happy vibe… yep, mostly from guys of course, but also often by women, and occasinally by the odd psychic (or crazy person) who can see the ‘real’ angelic (or demonic) me 😉 I love those. I truly am blessed with getting flattery. And it really makes my day!

And just as I love receiving them, I am an absolute flatterer and sweet-talker myself. Continue reading

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