The Novels & Shorts

In this blog category I like to post excerpts from my novels and stories.

My stories often originate from my dreams and also my real experiences. Surreal, disturbing, sexual, violent, just, angry, and often describing intense fears… I love to express what is inside of me, and thus sometimes I feel my stories don’t make much sense to someone else. Yet my stories all have a ’moral’… a message… sometimes an accusation towards the apathy of society, other times I just display the loneliness and disappointments of my characters. All of them are lonely in their own way. Perhaps my characters live very much in their own heads… something I can very much relate to.

I really think all art expressions are connected. Which is the reason I make music, take pictures, model, act and write at the same time. Everything is one big blob of emotion to me…

I very much like to see my visions realised on film and I really want to portray (selv-)destructive and violent female characters. For me connecting to a fierce and aggressive side is natural, but I think most women need to re-connect to that part of themselves… (yep, see Raw Writings 🙂 )

Oh, and the awesome thing about writing is really that you can openly reveal some of the naughty and crazy things you have done… and everybody thinks it’s fiction 🙂

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