Photos & Visuals

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I am inspired by aesthetic black & white photography, photos of everyday moments in the city, photos of sexy and beautiful people and I love old houses. I can walk for hours in old beautiful cities and take photos of atmospheric buildings. I like to capture the naked soul … I’m not a ‘technical good’ photographer… but I definitely  have ‘The Eye’ that captures an atmosphere  🙂

I have been creating visual art and postcards with my own pictures, poems and slogans.

My intense dreams have inspired film ideas that I work on realising. Sadly I cannot do that on my own and need investors.


Shopping is pure happiness….!!!

But oh, ok, I love creating shirts, like white, tight shirts and tank tops with a unique design. I like to make up own words, playing with different meanings. Such as my upcoming shirts RAWSOME. Get yours here 🙂

As I love scents and perfumes, customized perfumes are still in planning too. 🙂

(c) – All photos (c) by Rayn, alias Andréa Rayn, unless stated otherwise.