Heey guys… read, yes READ, the page descriptions above 😉


(c) writings, poems, photos and visual art by Andréa Rayn, unless stated otherwise …

  • – News:  “I Am Ruthless” – the diary of a hit-girl’s everyday observances. Very uplifting 🙂

Who, or what, is RAYN ? Well, that is me. My artist name and artistic trademark as well. I create within fashion, visual art, writings and acting. I still model from time to time as well (though I’m getting on the ‘plus’ side) :-P. To me it is about the experience rather than fame. I had that before at some point, and it made me pretty paranoid. When you are creative and have access to the more ‘interesting’ parts of the brain, you simply are creative in several different areas. Why be just one thing and choose your limitation to satisfy your audience, when you can do it all, right?

“You can peel me like an onion and still not know me… but hey, I’m really easy going ;-)”

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Instagram at @officialrayn






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