Raw – The hunter’s spirit

I come to life when I can move forward, when I can explore new arenas. I can walk for ages, and a resiliant body is important to me. ( That is also a good reason why my greyhounds and whippets make such great companions). I am quite restless and my mind needs constant challenge. I love to start and inspire new projects… and then I’m ready to explore the next idea. I am very in touch with my inner animal and I see a clear link between being in touch with the inner nature and higher thinking. Like I said before, you have to listen to your inner voice that is connected to nature and the universe, it is (almost) always right…

Thus I think artists, athletes, surfers, mountain climbers or any other adventurous and freedom seeking persons are primal spirits by nature. More in touch with their natural self or as I like to call it, the ’animal self’. We are hunters in spirit… hunting for intense experiences, thrills, adrenaline, business deals, inner fulfilment, conquest, passion, knowledge, wisdom, sex…

Thus it is no surprise that the so called Paleo lifestyle caught my attention already several years ago. The concept of the palaeolithic- in other words the caveman, stone-age or hunters diet, is that while humans have greatly advanced into the technical world we know today, our biological body is still the same as it was back in the stone-age, before agriculture. The food we ate and the nomadic lifestyle we lived back then is the ideal one for our bodies. Thus the best diet for us is the real, non-processed, foods we can find in nature; fish, meat, plants, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds.

According to the theory, when humans settled on farms and started to grow grains, the trouble began because the human body is not supposed to consume the ’new’ man-grown foods like grains, cow’s milk and sugars and thus it harmed their bodies (and their minds of course)… because deep inside we have not forgotten our ’real’ lifestyle as hunters and gatherers. Thus the Paleo concept tries to mimic a modern stone-age lifestyle with the right food and physical exercises (which means MODERN caveman style, people! Not putting on furs, growing body hair and returning to a life in caves, if you know what I mean…) I mean, it is so common knowledge now wheat, gluten, milk and sugar are really bad for your body, and mind. Your daily bread makes you fat!

I definitely draw the parallel to today’s life. To me, most people are not very ’hunter/gatherers’ in spirit. They are more ’farmers’ in spirit. They prefer to remain in one (mental) place, they like the routines that lull in their minds, their TV time in the evening, getting drunk in the weekends, the comfort of restrictions and simple stereotypes, and they seem to be very content with it (which is great for them).

Perhaps the animalistic spirit is unleashed more naturally to those of us that had to learn to survive at an early age, those that grew up without the safety a child should have… We had to develop our basic instincts, the survival instinct at an early age and thus it grew. Or perhaps some of us are simply born with it… like a gene that survived in our DNA… Just a thought 🙂

Andréa Rayn

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