Watch the inspiring videos of Elliot Hulse! By Andréa Rayn

Check out my man Elliot Hulse! Just check out his most awesome videos, as he speaks from heart and soul about the pure and raw spirit. Being a fitness coach and sports person his approach might appear a little different to mine, but basically, we are saying the same thing. The very same thing I’ve been talking, and writing, about all along. Being raw and being real, being true to your nature and your gut instinct. He is talking about the whole connection between the body and the mind, and how we need to move, work, feel and indeed think with the body and pay less attention to the mind. Your body is your mind. I  always said it, to have a strong mind you need to have a fit and strong body first. Like I have mentioned before, back then I was preaching to the wrong crowd. There was this strange misperception that ‘artistic’ people are not bothered about a fit body appearance and this is so wrong. As we know today from every successful person; artist, mentor or coach, being successful, focused and happy means to have a good physique. Everything has to work in synergy.

So yes, I express myself more artistically, Elliot Hulse expresses himself more physically, but we all have the same goal with it. Feeling alive, feeling good in our skin. Listening to our instincts, trusting the gut. I have several of my ‘left over’ articles here on this site in the ‘Raw n Real’ category. Elliot, being a famous fitness coach, puts it all much better in words than me. So watch these inspiring videos below and do his bioenergetic exercises, which may look crazy at first, but hey; we are meant to roar! All this unnatural ‘sitting still with a false smile’ behaviour that we are forced to do every day is making us into the depressed and anxious beings that we are these days. So please check out his videos here and connect to yourself!!!

The opposite of depression is EXPRESSION. Get out of your mental prison and shake it off, scream it out… be free!!! Brain slave no more!

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