Your record label is your fate…

I still very much enjoy the silence… the anonymity of being a re-born artist. A real artist. Of course, when you have an unusual, intense, illicit life, it is quite impossible to describe online, but then again I have to express some personal things. And right now it is just pure expression… no fear of whacky comments. Well, my ego kinda misses the worship and attention of fans that enjoy my funny, entertaining updates… but I most certainly do not miss the annoying, negative comments… I have peace to just be and express what matters to me.


I wanna say this as a lesson to other music artists… I always thought my music would speak for it selv, it is just good music and anyone could listen it. I was wrong. What defines your music is the record label that it is on, the genre of that label, and thus all the other artists this label presents. Not your nice music. When you have a genre based underground label, you will not get to go out of that circle of the same audience that repeats itself over and over again. Back then I did not know that. Just look at Youtube or Spotify lists, your song is never alone, it is always thrown in with artists of the same labelled genre, directed at one audience. If you want to get higher, change style and escape this artistic prison, it means to totally redefine and renew yourself with a very different label that is to your present liking. So much for artistic freedom, ay?

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