Ravin’ mad! New creative poem ;-)

Ravin’ mad!

Ravin’ mad… oh what liberation! You know, wild girl, you walk the middle line, because you are nice and polite. Free spirited, you are no stranger to disapproval and gossip. They hurt, the stings of judgemental bullshit, they hurt you many times but oh, just you offend once with your nature; “oh you kinda crossed the line here, you’re a little too much, oh you walked a little too far, pushed beyond the social conduct code… just get back here, or else we don’t like you!” And you are civil and apologize, politely, you keep walking the middle line. And yet, still frozen out. What if… what if indeed you crossed over all the way and from there you smile back, grin wide and laugh madly, embracing your freakin’ crazy psycho bitch…?! And from there you would shout with a wicked grin “yeah, what are you gonna do now?!” Because once you really are on the other side of sanity… they no longer tell you what to do. They wouldn’t dare to disapprove, too scared to be offended, too freaking scared to even talk about you… when you are really raving mad girl, they leave you alone to do what the hell you please and even smile with artificial approval. And you are truly free! Ravin’ mad girl…

oh what liberation!

Rayn (c)    – Andréa Rayn

3708736-tumblr_n22lxo5vci1ssz1yoo1_1280        Harly Quinn, comicvine.com

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