She will never be me! ;-)

proxybb  When you are different, so very unusual, but oh, ‘so very fascinating’, so he said, like the boy before… The muse inspires, exhilarates… seduces their body and confuses their mind.

I know they want me and so they hate me at the same time… because ‘oh, you are so incredibly sexy’, so they say, often simply with their eyes. Come on, boy, go for it! But they push me out into the cold, far away into the dark sides of their minds. Desperately, quickly, searching for an ordinary girl that reminds them, somehow, of me. And I see her come around, the little reminder of myself, and I smile, indeed I have to laugh. And yet, it leaves me with a bitter after-taste. They do things with their girl, do the things they wanted to do with me, the things they always wished to do to me. Why didn’t you dare…?

So they style their new found doll like me, just a little… And they take her to the dirty, secret places of my mind, to experience my experiences, without me. Trying to see me somewhere inside that girl, and all along they know she will never be me. A very different doll, a very different soul, and thus they feel the frustration even more. And when finally the copycat girls meet the original, and realise who indeed their sweethearts’ inspiration is, oh they feel the sting of insecurity just the same. They will never fly as high as me. I’m unobtainable, and you put me out there. But the muse is left with wings that are torn. Born to inspire, yet never belongs. A muse is not destined to be taken home…

(Dedicated to a certain little arsehole! 😛 )

(c) Andrea Rayn

-Rayn (c)

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