I Fell Too Deep…


I fell too deep, again

Into that black hole that bears no name

That merely exists like a silent threat

Suffocating my mind like a thick, sticky blanket

And I don’t remember how I ended up down here

If I suddenly fell inside… perhaps somebody pushed me over the edge… or maybe I slowly sank deeper and deeper into the blackness, unaware, and too distracted, until I rudely hit the stone- cold bottom

That feeling of wakening from a dull dream only to find yourself lost in a stagnant nightmare

Unable to move, unable to call out for help…

And you wish so badly for someone to appear at the edge up there, someone that would throw you a ladder, steps for you to climb upon… someone who would perhaps reach down to give you a helping hand…

But you understand soon enough that you will have to do this on your own.

So, I get up and I drag, I crawl and I claw myself up to the top, out from this darkness…

Trying to catch a glimpse of light that is called hope

With it, I fight myself out of this trap.

Yes, when you finally make it out of the black hole

you joyfully you are back to join the crowd…

And you know what, they didn’t even realize you were missing…

(c) Andréa Rayn – Nov 2015

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