A deeper thought about Halloween…


D20        All The Loved Ones Lost

A gray, mild and misty day passes…

I wait until the evening, wait to light my candles, lights in the darkness representing the ones I have lost and that I miss so much. One for grandmother, one for my beloved dog Arcane… one for little Sirius… lights that grow in number… and some lights I even tend to forget. It is said that the pain of loosing becomes easier with time. I hoped it would be so. No use of telling me it was their time, it was the age that made them leave. As life goes on and we live our life I still have moments where I really miss them. In my dreams they are still alive. I have songs that remind me of them.

Sometimes I wish I would forget, but then I am scared of forgetting them, of loosing their memory. And it’s such a cruel thought that they live through my memories and with my death the memories will be gone. All my memories of my grandmother will be forgotten. And this is so sad about life, that after one or two generations people will be gone like they never existed… and life… well life with its ups and downs, with sunshine, warm springs and singing birds… It will just go on… without them.

Sometimes it seems most unbearable to grow old and carry all the memories of the loved ones lost…

(c) Rebel Rayn – featured in Thief In The Night

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