I like to bring back real beauty!



edit1  You know, I’m getting pretty sick and bored of this whole trend of ‘fake’ women with big fake hair, fake eye lashes, fake tan, fake nails, fake boobs, blown up duck mouth, stupid air-brushed ‘babe’ posture photos … is this really the new ideal of beauty??? Do you really have to look like that to ‘make it’ ? This look is not pretty or sexy at all! Seriously, how would those ‘blow fish’ girls look like without their thick make-up paste when you wake up to them in the morning? How about all those young girls that watch TV and see those dumb chicks and think that this is cool… that this is the way to look to be seen as attractive and popular?  No, I want to see photos of real and original faces again, like it used to be before… real, natural beauty… in real environments! I mean, that is what beauty is all about, right?

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