Remember your animal instincts, be a surviver, yay! – Raw article no 3

(so this is one of my old articles and a subject that is very close to my heart. I want young girls and women to get strong and fight and SURVIVE vicious attacks on them. Article is old and needs improvement but hey, you get the point ;-)) People in the past called my words ‘controversial’, but hey, there is nothing controversial about saving the lives of innocent people from vile asshole attackers! :-O


I have been in touch with my instincts well… as long as I can remember. Sadly in many ways due to necessity. I learned early that I was not save, that I was left alone and unprotected in the house at night so many times. And I was terrified to death, as any child would be. So this survival instinct and ’primal fear’ kicked in at an early age. When I was lying alone at night as a little child, I would intensively listen into the night, so I could hear if any threat was approaching. My sense of smell developed really well. I could smell if something was burning before everybody else even could registrate any unusual smell. I could smell strangers in the house and I could almost smell ’thick air’ or bad vibes in a room, in other words tension, yes. I’m sure many of you that experienced the same as kids can relate to what I’m saying. You know when you came home and you just felt it in the air that something was up…? So the non secure feeling led me to heighten my senses much more than average children would. And it thus led me to become in close touch with my own inner nature. When you feel that nobody protects you, you eventually have to protect yourself and thus, it made me go from a scared little child to a very angry girl that fought back. And I fought and rebelled a lot, developing better instincts and good social skills on the way. Good instincts are vital for our survival. Anyone who is ’street wise’ will tell you that. We are made to believe that we live in such safe and secure societies… lulling us to sleep with our eyes open, even though we all know that dangers can lurk at every corner, accidents and disasters can happen at any time. And when it happens, people look around in disbelief, unable to react because they ’did not see it coming’… why did they not see it coming? I think many people today take life’s comfort and their security for granted. How about being present in the moment? I mean this is what ’living in the now’ is all about really, right? Living in the now means to be aware of all the amazing and beautiful things around you… yet to me it also means being aware of any possible warning signs of approaching danger around you. Because bad situations don’t ’suddenly happen’… they develop slowly. If you really think about it, often you can detect ’red flags’ quite early on … something unusual or a suspicious behaviour before disaster hits. Animals can detect approaching dangers, they can sense infra sound vibrations, which warns them that something ’threatening’ is coming their way. There is this interesting documentary called ’I Survived’ where people that survived horrific attacks on them tell their story of how they got out of it. What is interesting is that they all start their story with ’I had this feeling’, or ’that guy gave me the creeps at once’, yet, they logically dismissed the feeling as nothing. It shows us clearly that our inner nature knows something is up and it tries to protect us, yet people have learned to deny themselves to feel that feeling in order to remain polite or professional or tolerant… but it is very important to react to that inner alarm bell. I often can sense trouble before it is approaching, like I can spot violent or unstable people as soon as I see them coming and thus simply walk away. However, sometimes when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, you can’t avoid being the ’chosen one’ of vile attackers. I have been many times at the wrong place and thus I had to get ready for fight or flight. And often I get ready for fight, for confrontation, because I get so very angry. Unless a gun or knife is involved, I often stand my ground. And if you think that means I do a lot of fighting in the streets, oh no, not at all. Because just standing up for yourself and letting them know that you will not take any shit, that indeed you are willing to fight them, is enough to make them run. It is in such situations that you realise how animalistic we still are, because body language is extremely important. Cowardly attackers want to see fear, not confidence. I’m pretty tall, 1.73 cm, and I stand up even taller and threatening if I run into any possible attackers.  Sometimes I even throw in a little devious smile, and that makes them run away pretty fast… because they don’t expect that. A mugger or rapist wants to get something in a cowardly manner and they get that from the easiest target; someone who is fearful, distracted or drunk. They don’t want to fight about getting it. And a lot of the good citizens might not fight back because they never learned how to. Especially women seem to not defend themselves and this sooo pisses me off! How humiliating the image of the helpless, scared, crying, begging and whimpering woman is to me. So many women get themselves abused and killed by worthless cowards because they are but scared, helpless victims and don’t know how to defend themselves. They have to die because of centuries of suppressing women and their untamed instincts. A so called good woman is meek, passive, and physically weak. She is defenceless. It’s almost like people expect a ’good woman’ to rather be killed like a martyr, than to fight back and counter attack the abuser. It’s inappropriate for a woman to hit anyone, to get wild with rage, to kill if she must. It seems to me that women rather die being ’nice victims’, than face society’s punishment for doing something that is not socially accepted. A result of successful domestication. In my short story ”The Last Thoughts Of Suzy Sue” I talk sarcastically and bitterly about this issue and how I hate it that innocent young girls and women have to die because of societies false security and their inability to keep sex offenders off the streets. Arg! We are all very aware that there are sick maniacs around us, lurking in the dark. We all know that disturbed men are roaring the neighbourhoods at night, trying to rape a woman. Am I seriously the only one who wonders; why are girls not taught to defend themselves? Why is it not common, or even obligation, for young girls to join martial art classes? I have experienced some pretty bad situations, and I always looked upon those as good lessons learned. Bad experiences make you stronger, they make you better. They make you a proud survivor. Like I say in my poem/short story ”The Chase”, ’prize your scars, without and within’. Let’s have a look at our precious pets. Let’s say a male dog meets a bitch on the street and starts fighting. What does the bitch do? Does she fall to her knees whimpering because she is a helpless female and he is a male dog? Of course not. She fights, she bites back. I know plenty of small female dogs that are the terrors of the neighbourhood. Let’s now look at our kitties. Let’s say your female cat is outside at night and she meets a tom-cat on her rounds. Does she run away all scared or does she fall helplessly to the ground? No of course not. If he would attack her, she would fight back of course. She is a hunter herself, with teeth and claws. It is interesting how we indeed use terms like ’bitch’ to often describe unpleasant or manipulating women with, yes rather annoying, passive-aggressive behaviour… We should rather use the term bitch positively for fierce wolf-like women that are able to take care of themselves. We also use the term cat-fight, to describe girls arguing with each other over something. I think real cat-fighting skills should be used when fighting an abusive boyfriend or an attacker outside. Pounce and claw, girl! Learn from Cat-woman, learn from Harley Quinn. Claim your respect. We also use the term ’cougar’ to describe older women that go for younger men. I think the term as such is just ridiculous and sexist. We should rather use the term cougar admirably for someone who’s not afraid to hunt down what she wants. So listen to your inner nature, be ready to protect yourself and survive by standing your ground! Life is precious, and you deserve to live!!! 🙂

(c) Rebel Rayn

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