Be… simply free!!!

Simply Me… Simply Free


Individuality and freedom are very important words for me. I very much love to do my own thing, to go where I please, to explore new challenges all the time. Even though it is hard sometimes to stand pretty much alone in many ways. But from my childhood I have learned it well. The girl flocks never really allowed me into their circles, so I was always more or less hanging around on the outside, or teaming up with the boys instead.

Thus I learned to not be afraid to stand alone, and no way did I ever need to be a dude’s girl-friend or wife to be put in my secure social place, and to become less of a threat to all those dull and envious wives and girl-friends that fear my presence so much 😉 …omg! The song “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls was written by me. Seriously! 😛

When I don’t find anyone to come along with me to do something, or join me for a certain artistic project, I just go ahead and make it happen all by myself. And this indeed seems to provoke certain people somehow…

Over the last years I learned a lot about individuality and personal freedom. Because, when I was younger I searched for it in quite a few wrong places, passing through several juvenile subculture scenes to find people like me. But of course I soon realised that people join subcultures not to gain greater individuality, they join to be more restricted, to be part of a specific group mentality that thinks, acts and dresses all alike. They seek the security of a small group, because they feel too insecure to shine on their own.

Thus it is kind of funny when they then tout out with big horns how they are ’expressing their individuality’, how they are ’having their own style’, how much better they are than all the ’normal sheep out there’…  ehm no you are not! You obey group codes just like ‘those sheep out there’.

We really don’t need to define ourselves to others. Be happy to just be an original.

Andrea’s life philosophy? Life is simply about living, life is a challenge to explore. Any bad experiences should be seen as lessons learned. Spice up your life by being spontaneous and daring. There are no securities in life… we are not safe from pain, illness and death.. oh and debts… apparently the greatest slave-driver of all. The safe and passive road of life is often quite an unfulfilled one… so why not simply dive into the unknown and see what happens…

(c) Andrea Rayn

– ”Wild creatures cannot really be tamed, it’s like they have their own rules of being, their own reasons… you can never truly know them…”  –

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