Poem: Come on Little Vixen

tumblr_n5mywbu9Af1r3qxs7o1_1280         Come on, little Vixen

 Hey little girl, watch the way you are *because you make me loose control * Looking like you do, you cannot complain *Your smile says it all, it’s inviting me in *It sais ”come on, come and play with me , no, it’s not your fault, it’s me who is to blame” *and I know they all feel the same

Oh you little harlot, how provokative you are *Your eyes say it all, they tease, they dare me to chase *they say ”come, come and take me…it’s just the way I am” *With a girl like you, so out of place *they will all agree it was you that made me fall in love *Oh you little vixen, how enchanting you are *You don’t hold back, you don’t fit in *When once again you cry out ”rape”

Hah! They won’t see your injustice *They are too jealous to see the truth

(c) Andrea Rayn  – Poem taken from “Thief In The Night” #thiefinthenight

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