Music and me

Music has a great influence on me. Music is very powerful. I react immediately to music and sounds I hear… they make me see things, and feel strong emotions… I can hear music in my dreams – sometimes it’s a song that I’ve heard before, and sometimes it’s something completely new to me and I kind of make the music in my dream. So a lot of the songs and sounds I create, came to me in my dreams… in a way with a message: Make this one, put this melody out into reality. I don’t know where this message comes from… but anyway, somewhere from my subconscious for sure. When I make music, I always like to create something original… something that goes beyond genres.

I update my music taste all the time and listen to many different new things all the time. I love indie and pop bands like White Lies, Interpol, Lana Del Ray, Foster the People, Editors, Lykke Li, Highasakite, Miike Snow or Foals… and I particularly love trance, deep house, dark house, lounge, electronic beats that make me feel so good in my body and carry away my mind… it’s like being on ecstasy ;-). I also ‘digg’ experimental pop stuff like Kid Cudi, Chase and Status or Rudimental… I discover new cool music all the time… Likewise, when I hear music that I really don’t like, it’s like torture to my ears and I feel literally pain. So I really cannot have such music running as background music and tolerate it. I seriously have to turn it off or leave the room

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