Testosterone is your friend! – Rayn

Ok, now to something cmuscle-manompletely different. Well not really, after all I keep saying that fitness on all levels; be it physical, mental, emotional and creative go hand in hand to achieve your goals and be the best person you can be. So let’s talk about hormones. And the great hormone called testosterone, which is vital for both men and women. I consider food, herbs and supplements that boost and support testosterone an absolute necessity.  This is a subject rarely talked about. Continue reading

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Why people don’t want you to be alone


People don’t want you to be alone. They don’t want you to be single either and eagerly push a partner on you. And this is not really because they don’t want you to be lonely, or unhappy… they really don’t care about that, no. People want you to be with someone because then you are less of a threat. When you are always walking, working and living with a group of people, or when you are ‘safely’ married, then there is someone there to keep you in place, to keep you distracted. You are more likely to do ‘normal’ things, and that makes you safe to the crowd. When you are alone a lot and/or live alone, you are so much more likely to do some serious thinking. You can be your real self… the one that is inside of you. Do all the things you can’t do in front of others. You can talk to your inner voice and even play with your ‘demons’ (yeah that can be fun!)… because nobody is watching you. You can get to know your needs, you can evolve.  Being alone is so truly liberating. This is why many artists need to be alone in order to connect and create.

When you are on your own, nobody knows what you truly are up to, and that scares the sheep people. They get suspicious, they don’t trust you. After all, you could be doing naughty things… illicit things, keep secrets. And this is especially a source of gossip when you are a woman. Continue reading

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Challenge your given ‘identity’…

20621932_878871078945139_5618319785391479002_nI have written before; “in my dreams I’m free… I just can be”. To be, is the ultimate state of existence. To simply be, is free of false identity. False identity is often the misjudgements placed upon you by others who cannot understand you. And it obviously can be very limiting. Your identity comes with rules and morals. Even if you love what you do, and even if it inflates your ego, people soon attach their rules and misjudgements on you. You are confined to living in a box of social expectations. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of that?

In my article ‘Simply be me’ I said that I sometimes go out exploring the world anonymously or without saying a name, meeting random people, to just experience, without identity attachment and restrictions. This is not about being false, or somebody else, or creating a wannabe ego to impress irrelevant strangers. This is about you exploring you. All of it. Being able to be timeless, ageless, without habits, without false morals. And I experience so much weird, crazy, insightful and fun. Sometimes very scary situations too. Oh, and I do love to vex obnoxious people, like having fun with humourless extremists… I have elf-like qualities after all, and this is what we do ;-)) .

You can change reality, make reality happen, be aware of different dimensions, yes, a Continue reading

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Rayn & and the Juice

A few years back when I moved to Oslo’s finest Victorian and ‘Jugendstil’ neighbourhood Frogner, yes, where all the hipster bartenders and fit Swedes live, I soon was a popular daily guest at the new cafe concept here called Joe and the Juice. The hip cafe with good, high vibes induced by the charming selection of exclusively male staff in their early twenties. Euphoric, sexy house music and  flirty, handsome cuties with caps, hey, it’s just my thing. So the five Joe and the Juice cafes in Oslo became my second home. I had charming, funny and interesting conversations, lot’s of free coffee of course, delivered with a wink, hearts on my loyalty cards, vast amounts of compliments… the occasional fling after closing time… 😉 . Continue reading

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edit8 She’s waiting for another train
She’s given it a share of chances
Into another country again
No tears for the lies he told
No letter on the bedroom chair
No message written on the mirror
Leave it looking like she’s never been there
With nothing left for her to hold
She always steps forward
She never looks back
She leaves while she can with her dreams still intact
Her sadness below her and hope high above
With her heart in her hand she steps out

Pretty music on the radio
She’s looking down another highway
No tears when the time comes to go
No memories to cloud her sky
She always steps forward she never looks back
She leaves while she can with her dreams still intact
Her sadness below her and hope high above
With her heart in her hand she steps out

Story of my life!

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In The Company Of Ghosts…


London east, and I’m standing still. When I feel the age old past reaching out from busy streets.

The people I pass are mere shadows… hushing by like in a dream

but the derelict buildings they talk and the ghosts within they speak to me, vividly,

with angry sighs of untold misery

and bygone injustice, of suffering and sorrows vast,

labour and endurance of stones they had build to last

the lost souls that always will remain… urging me to switch sides, insisting I should stay.

Tempting me with unkind words; saying the living have nothing to offer someone like me,

they’ll always be passing shadows, they will never allow me to blend in…

How odd, how the mundane folk awaken once they’ve passed their mortal time

And when all you have is the company of ghosts attending your mind,

Oh how easy it could be to just give in.

  • Andréa Rayn  (c)
  • Photo taken in my current neighbourhood, Shoreditch, East London 1 May, ’17
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Electrical! Sexual in body and soul…

_DSC1356 - Copy.JPG     I see all those things, around me and in my head. A certain scene, a certain feeling, moments… places… towns, buildings, oceans, people, a vibe… and it is so hard to not be able to explain all the visions and emotions that I see, the amazing feelings that arise from a memory, a sudden scent that overwhelms me. The smell of something is the greatest trigger of amazing visuals, ecstatic feelings, and also some very scary thoughts of otherworldly experiences.

I can only describe it as really sexual. With thoughts and emotions tingling, vibrating and running up my spine to my chest, like a pleasant and ecstatic electricity running through my body… this electrical charged sensation that triggers certain feelings, visions and dreams at night. Continue reading

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